Panda Security Increases Blog Traffic Value by 82% Through Content Marketing


82% Boost in Monthly Blog Traffic Value


40% Increase in Organic Blog Traffic


200+ Links Generated


Panda Security, a cybersecurity software provider, lacked internal bandwidth to scale content marketing in the competitive US market. With low domain authority, they partnered with our agency to implement an integrated content strategy focused on elevating organic visibility and search rankings through high-quality blogs and link building.


Competitive Market Landscape

Panda Security was up against cybersecurity giants like McAfee and Kaspersky with far more domain authority. Gaining visibility was an uphill battle.

Low Domain Authority

With much lower authority metrics than leading rivals, Panda needed to implement ongoing authority-building efforts to close the gap.

Limited Internal Capabilities

In-housing expansive content marketing was not feasible given existing bandwidth constraints, necessitating an external partnership.

Need to Build Brand Trust

Being relatively unknown in the US market, establishing thought leadership was critical to gaining consumer confidence.


Solution 1

Expanded Content Marketing Program

Our content plan targeted both search visibility and audience engagement through long-form guides, data studies, and practical tutorials.

Solution 2

Audience-Focused Content Approach

We crafted content tailored to both tech influencers and family-focused outlets, broadening linkbuilding outreach avenues.

Solution 3

Ongoing link building efforts

Manual outreach and contributor content placements on relevant sites drove steady authority gains.

Solution 4

Published 63 new articles

Through our expanded content production bandwidth, we efficiently scaled up article output around core client offerings.

Here are examples of a couple content assets we produced for the company:
Breathtaking Articles - "How to Encrypt Email"
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Audience-Focused Guides - "Internet Safety for Kids: A Parent’s Guide"
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Results We Achieved

40% Increase in Organic Blog Traffic

Strategic topic clustering propelled blog visibility amongst relevant searcher interests and communities.

82% Boost in Monthly Blog Traffic Value

Higher rankings for commercial keywords boosted the monetization value of captured blog traffic.

200+  Domain Referring Links  

Content promotion secured links from both niche publications and mainstream news sites.

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