How Hashtag Knights is Helping Well Built with their Content Marketing Strategy


+75% Reach on Social Media


+50% increase in organic traffic


+30% Increase in MQLs


Well Built is a consulting firm with solutions focused exclusively on the construction industry.  Their clients are Owner/Developers, Contractors, Architects, and Engineers.  They help to build better construction companies and better project teams by delivering strategic consulting, facilitation services, and peer roundtable environments for Construction Executives. They wanted to launch a new promotional series to drive awareness and sales. We provided content marketing solutions to create Linkedin videos, write promotional posts and porduce visuals for them.


They needed to establish brand voice guidelines and identify the appropriate tone of voice for their target audience.

They lacked professional copywriters, video editors, and designers to produce high-quality content.

They wanted to organically promote their services and consultants to build credibility and trust.

They had a tight timeline to develop and implement the content calendar for the promotional series.


Solution 1

Brand Voice Development:

Worked closely with Well Built to develop comprehensive brand voice guidelines, ensuring a consistent and engaging tone tailored to their target audience.

Solution 2

Content Creation Team:

Assembled a team of professional copywriters, video editors, and designers to produce high-quality LinkedIn videos, promotional posts, and visuals.

Solution 3

Efficient Content Calendar:

Developed and executed a detailed content calendar within the tight timeline, ensuring timely delivery of all content pieces.

Solution 4

Organic Promotion Strategy:

Designed an organic content strategy to promote Well Built’s services and consultants, focusing on educational and value-driven content to engage their audience.

Here are examples of a couple content assets we produced for the company:
Promotional Post - "Build a Legacy"
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Consultant Promotion - "Abraham Lincon Quote"
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Results We Achieved

Increased Engagement:

Their LinkedIn engagement rates increased by 45%, with more likes, shares, and comments on their posts.

Lead Generation:

The strategic content efforts generated 30% more qualified leads, contributing to a notable increase in sales inquiries.

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

The promotional series led to a 75% increase in their LinkedIn followers and a 50% increase in website traffic.

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