BCIF Increases Investors by 150% Through #Knights Partnership


150% Increase in Investors


830% Growth in Website Visits


1200% More Organic Traffic


BCIF tapped #Knights to evolve from a sales-driven business to a marketing-led one.

With no prior marketing team, they needed to build a solid foundation and address key marketing gaps to shift focus to a new investors customer base.

We provided the strategy, execution and enablement they required to transform.


No Established Marketing Plan

Needed to Attract New Investors

Required Shift from Sales to Marketing-Led

Lacked Marketing Resources & Bandwidth


Solution 1

New Website Build & Migration

With pillar pages and articles, we structured thematic content hubs focused on driving dedicated topic clusters to elevate category authority in search.

Solution 2

Account-Based Marketing Setup

Our team carried out a series of on-page improvements to refresh and elevate core evergreen articles and landing pages.

Solution 3

Social Media Activation

We spearheaded targeted outreach and contributed content to high-authority websites to expand their domain authority footprint.

Solution 4

Marketing Automation Integration

Through our expanded content production bandwidth, we efficiently scaled up article output around core client offerings.

Here are examples of a couple content assets we produced for the company:
Blog Post - "Copy Trading: What It Is, Its Advantages and Disadvantages"
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Landing Page Creation - "Copy BCIF Trading Strategy"
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Results We Achieved

830% Boost Website Visits

The new website design and elevated organic rankings translated into a flood of incremental website sessions.

150% Increase in Investors

Strategic alignment of their funnel, content and data-driven prioritization fueled exponential gains in SQLs from marketing channels.

1200% More organic traffic

Focus on search visibility through on-page enhancements and off-page authority building efforts stimulated triple digit increases.

Growing Together is Much Faster

Let's talk about your vision, goals and problems.

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